For All Time

Music has such power to heal. Thank you to outofagreatneed for this post from June 23rd that I’m reblogging here on NurseGrit.

Out of a Great Need

This song…

pulls me back to the darkest days, during our younger daughter’s adolescence, when long drives helped her racing mind in the midst of the overwhelming symptoms of her severe brain illness.

We took long drives every single day for several…yes…several years.

We listened to music.  This is a song from one of the CDs she would bring along.

But this song does not upset me.

It reminds me that all of the quiet patience made a difference.

It reminds me of a bond that cannot be broken by a severe brain illness.

This song reminds me of the power of love.

It reminds me to NEVER give up.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. I have been reading your blog…fantastic! Music is a huge part of recovery for our younger daughter, who lives with a severe brain illness, as well as our older daughter. Our older daughter majored in music and psychology and uses music while working with children and the elderly. 🙂 Here is a post I wrote three years ago. Again, thanks for your kindness.

    1. That is really interesting, and what a wonderful gift to those patients you visited. My mother died from Alzheimer’s and would have loved to have had a visit from you daughter, I’m sure! Great blog and I look forward to reading more. Thank you!

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