NC #1 in naloxone distribution

The Guardian  published an article today (Timothy Pratt, June 10, 2016) about naloxone rescue kit distribution efforts in NC. The state claims national leadership status in the number of lives saved with naloxone in the shortest period of time (not by police, ERs, or other medical first responders). Key to that effort has been getting the rescue kits into the hands of opiate users and their peersThe NC Harm Reduction Coalition (NCHRC) is the organization responsible for this monumental undertaking. Most states are making similar efforts but some advocates have expressed frustration about the lack of cohesive plans to reach those in need.

Peter Davidson, a professor at the UC San Diego School of Medicine who has studied opioid deaths said it’s “frustrating” to see that other states haven’t yet adopted North Carolina’s methods, which he believes should be a national model.

“We have a really good … public health response that works, and seeing it not being done more comprehensively is infuriating,” he said. “You’re watching the death reports come in, and you know they don’t need to be that high.”

Let’s all learn from each other with the common goal of not just saving lives but treating addiction adequately in the first place.



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